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Joice Heth Catalogues the Skin

from patient.

Body has a way of moving on
without you. When the mind says
hold on, I finally got something right 
body goes on, marks time.

Time and skin are my business.

Skin rarely lets me remember the good
so I make good memories for it.
One line for when I got born
grins across my belly
another crosses it    knows
what the skin has stretched to hold

I prayed for it
in the back of my knee
smooth now    hallowed
to the touch.


*An earlier version of this poem was published in the Spring 2010 Issue of Mythium Lit Mag and was nominated by the press for a Pushcart Prize. "Joice Heth Catalogues the Skin" and appears in patient., Bettina's debut collection published by Black Lawrence Press.

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