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Feminist Research Methods/Practice

Developed at Mount Holyoke College, Spring 2014.


Course Objectives

  • Students will gain a foundation in discourses around feminist knowledge production and research practices.
  • Students will develop a focused research topic.
  • Students will identify research methods and practices that support their academic interests and be able to articulate the connections between their methods and research topics.
  • Students will learn to develop, strategize and implement feminist research methods. 

Course Readings

  • Feminist Research Practice: A Primer (ISBN: 9781412994972)
  • Additional texts available online.



Participation (50%) is a very important part of our class dynamic here. Every day of class will count in your final participation grade. When discussion board assignments are due on days we do not meet, those will count as participation grades as well.

Not only will you be discussing the reading material and learning from each other but you will be collaboratively working to complete your individual assignments. At midterm, you will sign up to feature in the class’ research workshop. This means that you will describe your research topic in detail, discuss where you are in your research process and tell the class how they can support you in your research process. Likewise, you will be expected to support your fellow classmates as they lead research workshop time.


The Topic Paragraph (5%) is an opportunity for you to start brainstorming your research project and giving concrete language to some of the ideas that are floating in your head. It is required to be one paragraph only.

The Preliminary Proposal (Mar. 3; 15%) is the beginning phase of your final research project. It will include an expanded research proposal to be 3-5 pages in length. You will also include an annotated bibliography of at least five sources, two of which inform your method. Finally, you will hand in a bibliographic search procedure.


First Draft of the Research Portfolio (5%)

You will turn in a draft of the Research Portfolio for review. This draft is for credit only and intended to guide you towards a complete research portfolio.


Final Draft Research Portfolios (25%) are your completed research proposal and additional materials. This portfolio will include your research statement, which will describe your research methods and methodology as well as your research rationale. You will also include a completed annotated bibliography on your research topic. This annotated bibliography will include twelve to fifteen sources on your research topic and three to five sources on your method.


Course Outline


Week 1


Syllabus Review



Epistemology, Methodology and Method


Week 2

Selections from Natasha Tretheway’s Thrall

“The Method Question” Sandra Harding Hypatia 2.3 (1987) 19-35. [M]



“Feminist Research: Exploring the Interconnections of Epistemology, Methodology, and Method” from The Handbook of Feminist Research: Theory and Praxis [M]


Feminist Knowledges


Week 3

“Chapter 2. Feminist Empiricism and Standpoint Theory: Approaches to Understanding the Social World” Nancy A. Naples and Barbara Gurr

“Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective” Donna Harraway from The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader [M]


Topic Paragraph Due

 “Learning from the Outsider Within: The Sociological Significance of Black Feminist Thought” Patricia Hill Collins from The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader [M]

“Chapter 3. Feminist Postmodernism, Poststructuralism and Critical Theory” Nollaig Frost and Frauke Elichaoff


Interacting with Humans


Week 4

“Chapter 4. Ethics and Feminist Research” Linda Bell

“Chapter 6. Feminist Practice of Action and Community Research” Elana D. Buch and Karen M. Staller


“Chapter 5. What Is Feminist Ethnography?” Elana D. Buch and Karen M. Staller

“The Call of Autoethnographic Stories” Carolyn Ellis from The Ethnographic I [M]


Week 5

“Chapter 7. Feminist Approaches to In-Depth Interviewing” Sharlene Hesse-Biber

“Chapter 8. The Practice of Feminist Focus Groups” Jennie Munday


Feminist Knowledge Production


“Chapter 9. Feminist Media Research” Heather McIntosh and Lisa M. Cuklanz

“Pigment to Pixel” Graeme Sullivan in Art Practice as Research [M]


Week 6

“Chapter 10. Feminist Survey Research” Kathi Miner and Toby Jayaratne

“Chapter 11. The Feminist Practice of Program Evaluation” Donna M. Mertens and Nichole Stewart



Towards Your Research Project


Research day, NO CLASS


Week 7 – Preliminary Proposals Due (Zero Draft)

“Chapter 12. Feminist Approaches to Mixed Methods Research” Sharlene Hesse-Biber



“Chapter 13. Conclusion: Putting Together Your Research Project”


Week 8

Research Workshop – Library Research


Research Workshop – Archival Research


Week 9

Spring Break, NO CLASS


Spring Break, NO CLASS


Week 10

Research Workshop


Research Workshop


Week 11

Research Day, NO CLASS


Research Proposals Due (1st Draft)

Research Workshop


Week 12

Research Workshop


Research Workshop


Week 13

Research Workshop


Research Workshop


Week 14

Research Workshop


Complete Research Portfolios Due

Research Workshop


Week 15

Next Steps Discussion

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