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So this was a serious kick in the rear to be more attentive to this blog. Artist, writer and visionary Natasha Marin invited me on this blog roll. (See her blog here.) Natasha's recent ebook MILK is an insightful interactive lyric on breastfeeding. She has traveled the world and brought many artists along with her through her traveling performance art happening Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea. She is also the creator of the Red Lineage Project

The questions:

1) What am I working on? 

In May I released an eChapbook titled BINDING while presenting on erotic, gender, and the blues in lesbian gender performance at the DC Queer Studies Symposium. Now, I'm making preparations for my full length book of poems, Patient. which will be published by Black Lawrence Press in the fall. More about it here


2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

My writing is mostly about research and my research is reflexive about the process of research and writing. My writing is meant to be a bit out of place, both academic when confessional, melodic when cacophonous. 

3) Why do I write what I do?

I wrote Patient. to make sense of my own experience with a teaching hospital in Baltimore. To make sense of how my experience as a Black queer woman was shaped by the history of medical institutions, medical practices, enslavement and Jim Crow. I grew up with this work as a writer and a researcher. BINDING is also a coming into my own kind of moment. I write to connect all of the ways that mind, body, and spirit affect my life. 

4) How does my writing process work?

Writing for me is a byproduct of creative tendencies in other media in which I like to work. Music and visual art are media that are deeply personal to me and writing is the most efficient way in which I've channeled that creative energy. In all other respects it is about hunkering down and calling it work. Most other times, I need to be fully human, adventurous, and most of all sensuous in other areas of my life in order to feel productive as an artist.


That's it. So... pushing forward I want to bring into the fold three amazing writers. Kima Jones, Moya Bailey and Jessica M. Johnson.

Kima Jones ( is a writer of fierce and unrelenting poetry and fiction. She has been invited to an exhaustingly long list of residencies, fellowships and awards (including most recently a residency at the Milay Colony) and for good reason. I mean, for real... look what she did with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Moya Bailey ( you know her. THAT Moya Bailey. Feminist writer, blogger, (I once saw web alchemist?). Co-founder of the Crunk Feminist Collective who always brings that fire Black feminist critique

Jessica M. Johnson ( and is a historian who uses the internet to highlight "scholarship and scholars in the field of African diaspora history." Check her out. 

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